All pupils must attend school regularly and punctually; this is very important as the local welfare department frequently checks school registers. If a pupil is absent for any reason, a letter signed by the parents / guardian must be sent to the school on her return or as soon as possible after that.

In order to not disrupt the pupils’ education unnecessarily, parents are urged to make medical appointments for their daughters after school hours whenever possible. Overseas and family holidays must not be organised during term time.

Guidance for parents

The Governors and the school staff would appreciate it if the parents and pupils support the school and its aims in every respect. BIGS can only improve standards through the co-operation of all concerned.

A few additional points:

  • If and when permission to leave school early is requested, parents are asked to collect their daughters personally; girls are otherwise not allowed to leave the school premises before 3.10 pm for any reason whatsoever.
  • Although parents are always welcome to visit the school, it would be helpful if an appointment could be made to ensure that a member of staff will be available at the required time.
  • All forms (e.g. confirmation of attending parents’ evenings, permission for school trips, the annual update of personal information, report acknowledgements, etc.) must be completed and returned promptly to the school when requested.
  • If parents feel that they may have missed any correspondence from the school or would like to see copies of all letters circulated, they are free to ask at the school office.

Please remember that BIGS is only responsible for the well-being and whereabouts of its pupils during normal school hours (i.e. from 8.35am to 3.10pm).

Please read this Spotlight on Attendance letter for more information.