The following is the Birchfield Independent Girls School Admissions Policy. All schools have admission criteria to decide which children can be allocated places.

You can find out about Birchfield Independent Girls School by:

  • visiting the school – via appointment or attend an Open Day
  • Looking at the school website and prospectus
  • reading the school’s most recent Ofsted Reports
  • checking school league tables, which include exam results
  • talking to other parents about what they think of the school

All new applicants are required to complete an application form.

An admission fee of £20.00 should be made payable to the school office. Please note that the Admission fee is non-refundable. Admissions are offered to pupils starting for year 7, 8, and 9. For year 10 and 11 pupils the school may or may not accept admission depending on circumstances.

Pupils will be given priority for admission to the school on the following guidelines:

  • Academic performance
  • Having a sister who is already at the school
  • Waiting list order

Conditions for Admission:

  • The minimum age for admission is 11 years.
  • Pupils must sit an entrance examination in Mathematics, English and Islamic Studies. All new applicants and parents will be interviewed.
  • Applications should be submitted in writing using the school’s standard admissions form together with a copy of their birth certificate, last school report and £20 admission fee.
  • Applicants should apply before or on the school open day in January for the next academic year. Late applications will delay your application and will be placed at the end of our waiting list.
  • On the successful acceptance of an applicant; a deposit of £100 will be required in advance, unless agreed otherwise. This deposit will be non-refundable. If the pupil has caused intentional damage to school property, an additional charge will be made for this, and if the parents withdraw the student with less than 4 weeks notice, they will still need to pay fees for that period.
  • Students with additional needs will be assessed and if the school is able to meet the needs, the applicant will be offered a place.
  • Students that are not SEN (special educational needs) but are below expected level at KS2 may be offered a place on the condition that she attends tuition sessions, which are held after normal school hours.