We expect all parents to provide their children with the full and correct uniform at all times. We expect our students to wear our uniform smartly and correctly at all times including to and from school. It is compulsory for our pupils to purchase a uniform from the school to avoid differences in colour. We also expect our pupils to have the correct stationery for each lesson and have the correct PE kits.

School Uniform

  • Purple hijab – must be purchased from school – secured with a plain black sliding pin. Sharp pins are not permitted.
  • Full length black jilbaab with purple piping and school badge attached – must be purchased from school
  • Black school blazer with badge – badge must be purchased from school
  • Plain black knitted cardigan (no lycra) – optional. School logo badge to be attached on to cardigan.
  • Dark coloured thigh length top and black loose-fitting trousers (to be worn underneath jilbaab)
  • Plain outdoor coat (preferably dark coloured)
  • Plain black socks (no patterns)
  • Plain black flat shoes – no wedge heels or platforms, no fabric shoes or trimmings and no boots
  • No jewellery, make-up, nail varnish or acrylic nails to be worn in school. Pupils wearing nail polish and other items of jewellery will be asked to remove them immediately.
  • Wearing hair accessories under the hijab to make the head look larger are strictly forbidden.

P.E kit 

  • Plain black hijab – can be purchased from school
  • Loose grey top with school badge attached – must be purchased from school
  • Loose black tracksuit bottoms (leggings are not permitted)
  • Trainers

Please note that pupils shall be disciplined for breach of the uniform code, and exclusion or detention will be an appropriate response only where there is a pattern of defiant behaviour. If items such as high-heeled shoes are worn repeatedly and jewellery or make-up is used, the teacher will confiscate these items for safe keeping until the end of term. These items will then be handed over to the parent or guardian. Pupils wearing incorrect uniform otherwise, such as jeans, will be asked to wait in the reception area and their parents will be summoned to bring in the correct uniform. 

Essential equipment for all lessons

  • Pencil case
  • Two pens – either black or blue ink, and one purple pen
  • Pencil, sharpener, rubber, ruler and other equipment as needed
  • Calculator, protractor, compass (Maths)
  • Dictionary (English)
  • Homework diary – replacements cost £2.50
  • Exercise book (20p small, 50p A4) – to be purchased from school
  • Text books/handouts (as required per subject)

Note: Tippex is not allowed and will be confiscated if used

Students may purchase stationery from the school tuckshop.

Please note that if a student loses a handout, they must pay a fee to obtain another from the teacher, otherwise students must produce another copy for themselves.