Policies and Forms

School Policies

The school has policies in place to ensure its effective running and management. School policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our important policies. If you want to know our policy on something which isn’t listed, please do not hesitate to speak to us at the office.

  1. Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy
  2. Health and Safety Policy
  3. Assessment Policy
  4. Bullying and Anti-Bullying Policy
  5. Behaviour, Rewards and Sanctions Policy
  6. Code of Professional Conduct
  7. Complaints Procedure Policy
  8. E-Safety and Internet Access Policy
  9. First Aid Policy
  10. PSHEE Policy
  11. School Uniform Policy
  12. School Admissions Policy
  13. Vetting External Speakers Policy
  14. Safer Recruitment Policy
  15. Curriculum Policy
  16. Exclusion Policy
  17. Education Additional Learning Policy
  18. Additional Learning Support Policy


Copies of forms that are used in relation to the school:



Pupil Admission Form Job Application Form
Request For Leave Of Absence Form
Medical Information And Consent Form